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The Basics About Gold Prospecting Supplies

It’s easy to get caught up in the dream of striking the mother lode.  Then, heading into the wilderness, ill-prepared, for an adventurous day.  And there is nothing wrong with that, heck, I have done that myself.  However, I truly just love to be outdoors, away from roads and people, sitting on a rock by a stream at noon while enjoying some good cheese and a Guinness.  So, I don’t feel too bad when I don’t find any gold.  I still had a wonderful, peaceful day, away from the stress and demands of modern life. But, having done that a few times it sure does make the day even better if you do find some gold!  If you want to increase your chance of success you need the right gold prospecting supplies. Read on, the basics are outlined below.

The Gold Prospecting Pan

This is your most essential item, period. The gold pan is used to gently wash away the lighter material on top while kepping the heavier gold at the bottom of the pan.  Of course, this takes some practice and skill to do well but it can be quickly learned.  I will cover panning techniques during a later post.  There are a few things to consider before buying a gold pan.

  1. Steel or Plastic? Gold pans come in these two materials.  In the old gold rush days there was only the former – and it obviously seemed to work.  New fangled technology has crept in and plastic pans are more popular than ever.  For good reason, too.  Plastic pans are much lighter to Prospecting Supplies - Metal Gold Pancarry around with you all day. Although steel pans are more durable you these new plastic pans can give you many years of faitful panning. Plastic prospecting pans also have something steel pans do not – gold Plastic Gold Pancatching riffles.  These small grooves built into the sides of plastic pans really help when panning that last little bit of material.  These grooves are definitley an advantage when you are just starting out!  Steel pans are very nostalgic and, I admit, pretty cool.  You have to be a bit more experienced to make do with a steel prospecting pan.  My advice – if you’re starting out; plastic.  If you’re showing off to to your professional, gold prospecting, future father-in-law; steel.  Either way the choice is yours – just do what feels good in your hands.
  2. Size Matters.  Especially if you’re handling it all day long.  Most gold pans range from 10 to 17 inches.  Start out in the middle, get a 14 inch pan.  Then, if you can handle bigger, go bigger.  Starting off with a 17 inch pan might not be the best move.  They can be cumbersome and quite heavy when they are laden with material.  Again, just use what feels right.
  3. Colour.  For once, colour is actually important.  Typical gold prospecting pans come in green, blue or black.  You want the yellow gold to be in high contrast with your pan so that is stands out well.  Black pans offer high contrast  but they tend to blur the defining ‘black sand’.  Black sand is a good indicator of possible gold and the more easily distinguished it is the better.  Personally, I use green.
Gold Panning Classifiers

Gold Prospecting ClassifierClassifiers, for me, are second on the list.  If you have only two items in your prospecting supplies arsenal they should be a pan and a classifier.  They can greatly reduce your workload, thereby giving you more time to pan the good material.  Essentially, classifiers fit over your pan or a bucker and they server to capture and trap larger debris and rocks.  You then throw out what is left in your classifier and continue to pan what made it through.  Depending on the geology and materials you are working with you can get classifiers with all kinds of different mesh sizes.  The unit itself is usually made of plastic but the mesh is generally metal.  I recommend using a tier system, that is, start with a classifier with a large mesh size and filter out the big stuff.  Then move on to a smaller screen size.  Repeat if necessary.  This might seem like overkill but you are saving a ton of time by not having to pan all that material.

Some classifiers refer to the density of holes (or squares) as simply ‘mesh’.  For example, a 12 mesh classifier.  This means there are 12 holes (or squares) per linear inch.  A 10 mesh classifier has 10 squares along 1 linear inch; each square is 1/10th of an inch long, or about 2.5 mm.

Do yourself a favour and add a classifier to your prospecting supplies inventory…
Gold Snuffer Bottle

Prospecting Supplies - Gold Snuffer BottleProbably the least expensive item in your gold prospecting supplies aresnal.  It is used to suck up the flakes of gold in your pan.  Don’t waste your time trying to pick up those flakes!  Even using tweezers is not worth the hassle or potential loss of a nice flake.  Just a quick simple squeeze on the bottle and your flake is sucked up and safely stored inside the bottle with no means of escape.  Available for immediate purchase from our Specialty Items category.

That’s All the Beginner Needs!

For an inspired enthusiast the above mentioned prospecting supplies will get you by.  If you are a little more ambitious and plan on extracting as much as you can as fast as you can then the continue reading this POST LINK.

Oh, there is one more thing, if you are successful that is.  Gold storage vials.  You need to be able to store and show off your new found treasure! Get them here.

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Here’s an inspirational video that shows a prospector with 40+ years experience…and he’s using a steel pan too!

Enjoy the great outdoors with your new prospecting supplies.  I wish you the best success.… Read the rest, comment, and share