Gold Miners Moss

Gold Miners Moss

Congratulations, you have just found the best place to get gold miners moss!  Prospecting Supplies is selling a new age, highly advanced type of miners moss made to trap more heavies and fewer lights.  This remarkable new gold miners moss is called Hog Moss.  Hog Moss is a little different than traditional gold miners moss, here’s why:

  1. No clogging/blocking of vortexes – this miners moss is firmer to the feel.  It resists compression when under rifles and expanded metal. This maintains adequate space behind rifles and ensures maximum exchange rate.
  2. Easier clean ups – time spent from unclogging this moss is reduced by up to 30% as compared to traditional gold miners moss. Much less silt is trapped inside.
  3. Fewer lights…more heavies – light materials must struggle to get into Hog Moss and therefore they are exchanged quickly.  This leaves more space for black sand and gold to work its way down into the miners moss.  Traditional moss can sometimes be filled up within minutes.
  4. The perfect thickness – Hog Moss is 0.45 inches thick. Some traditional mosses are up to 1 inch thick which is extremely hard to work with.
  5. Tough – twice as strong as traditional miners moss, Hog Moss is nearly indestructible. This stuff will not tear or rip…just try!
  6. Great value – most traditional miners moss is priced between %2.50 – $3.00 per inch width.  Hog Moss is only $2.19 per inch width – the absolute best value on the market for such an advanced gold miners moss!
  7. Shipping – $12 on Any size order to the US. Usually shipped the next business day.

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Check out the Hog Moss in action

The trouble with traditional miners moss…

The traditional miners moss does work, but it can be very spongy and soft.  Because of this lower density material it will often protrude through expanded metal and behind gold catching riffles.  When this happens it fills up the space that vortexes are designed to create and occupy. This is not good for trapping gold…

Gold Miners Moss - Hog Moss

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