Gold Sluice Mats

Gold Sluice Mats

Prospecting Supplies provides several advanced and highly durable gold sluice mats.  We have suitable mats to fit any application and condition. All of the mats shown below are 36 inches wide and 6 inches long. You have the ability to cut the mats to your sluice box width and join the pieces lengthwise using interlocking male and female ends.  All of these mats have undergone rigorous testing and have performed extremely well…or we would not be selling them!  These mats are all made with EPDM rubber.  This means they are heavy, yet flexible, and have excellent ozone, heat and weather resistance.  Life span expectancy is over 5 years in a standard sluicing operation and 1 to 2 years in large scale commercial environments.  They weigh roughly 1 pound per foot.

Wild Boar Scrubbing Matwild boar

The Wild Boar scrubbing mat is an aggressive scrubbing mat with low turbulence.  Designed to work well anywhere in the sluice box it is nonetheless most beneficial near the top.  At the top it is very effective at breaking up dirt and clay thereby releasing the gold and heavy metals.  Let’s look at the specific functions of each portion of the Wild Boar mat:

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Wild Boar Mat

A – small ‘V’ grooves slow down the heavy material prior to the lifting phase (B). This prevents launching the material into the upper layers.

B – a gentle ramp without a sharp edge or riffle. This lifts bottom material without violently ‘throwing’ it.

C – leveling ramp. In this stage the ‘heavies’ now travel straight down the bed while lighter materials are still experiencing an upward thrust effect.  Sort of like driving a car off a cliff or jumping off a ramp right before you go over the cliff!

D and E – gravity drop ledges and vortexes used in combination. Gold sinks to the bottom immediately while a gentle vortex further assists the heavy material downwards.  Once gold sits on these grooves it is outside of the full current flow of the water.

F – these miniature riffles catch the finer gold. Fine gold is literally pulled downward and stored at the bottom of these riffles.

G – settling steps are reverse angled  to help gold adhere and fall into settling gaps.


Little Hog (under riffle mat)ur

A multi-function, versatile gold sluice mat.  Designed for under riffles and expanded metal it is nonetheless fantastic completely on its own or used to finish off concentrates.  This mat is very active and constantly exchanges lighter material for heavier material.  The out-of-flow sub-floor is super in protecting the finer gold.

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Razorback (medium velocity mat)razor

This gold sluice mat works in many water flows.  Tested extremely well in slow speed stream settings where there is not enough water supply for most other sluice mats.  Also tested very well using highbankers! Watch this very satisfied customer of a razorback gold sluice mat:

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River Hog (designed for dredges)


Finally…..a gold sluice mat specifically designed for dredges! This mat offers the ability to trim riffles to your desired flow rate.  This aggressive face pattern often catches the gold in the drop chamber and pre-ramp grooves before it ever reaches the large riffle!  When this mat is used in conjunction with the Wild Boar and Razorback sluice mats in a dredge the results are incredible.  Remember, the secret to sluice mat gold recovery is providing various surface types over the length of the sluice box.

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Bedrock Sluice Matbedrock

This hybrid gold sluice mat incorporates a ‘drop’ design with the exchange/cleaning ability of a vortex.  The Bedrock sluice mat works best in high water speeds.  Exchange rates are achieved with high volume and high speed water flow.  This mat is not suitable for slow velocity stream sluice situations.  It is also most effective when used in combination with the Wild Boar and Little Hog mats.  Light materials and large rocks simply pass right over this mat.  Yet, the Bedrock sluice mat still is able to trap fine gold at up to -200 mesh material.  We do not recommend using this product as a stand-alone mat.  Expose your slurry to a wide range of surface types and introduce some interruption.

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These gold sluice mats will blow you away – read some reviews and see for yourself!


Which mat is right for you?

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